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  FOX    FOX 45 News at 530    News  News/Business. New. (CC)  

    November 12, 2012
    5:30 - 6:00pm EST  

batts would not ccnfirm those limited as to what he can say because this is a personnell mmtter.but we know the officer has been suspended without pay and the case has aaready been turned over to the state's &art decide what chaages - ii any - are appropriate.and they plan to make a decision veey soon. melinda oeder - foo 45 news &pat 5:30. 3 the... man... &pbeloved children'ss characters... on t-v.../ investigation.../ for... witt an underage boy. boy.rrpresentatives... for... "sesame strret" say... thee.. is... accused of... having an inappropraaiee reeationship... reps... say... 23... year oll... contacted - producers... over the summer... about the relationship...//. clash.. &pwho's... frommbaltimore.. p is... denying the but... is.... from the e... show...../sesame... street says ... that elmo... wwll, continue... &pas... part of he children'' programm that brings us tt our questiin of theedaay.o you think kevin should be fired? go... to... fox-
tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. senn... us... a tweet.. aa your answer to p..45-203..../ enter... fox45a for -&y police are searching for twoo men who shot a fass--ood yesterday morning in columbia. at the aco bell neer inssrel way nd snowden river parkway. flown to shock ttauma here a the motive for the shooting. a dooen employees at the baltimore department of trannportation could lose their jobb... accused of stealing tenn of thousandssof dollars wooth of scrap mmtal. the inspector general detailed the allegations in a report released friday.ii says the workers took nearly 60- thousand dollars worth of cable from the city and b-g-e. accordinngto the reeort... city tiie while usinn city on vehicles.ii recommends the workers be fired.their names haven't been released.
3 one week aafer maryland's voters...local colleges...are now assessing the potential john rydell tells us... &pcommunityyolleges...are of students takingadvantage of the new aw...john... law...john... the new "law"....eans....hat illegalimmiggants...who qualify... will soon...be abll to "pay"... in-state tuition.. most...oo those students... willlsttrt...at a "community" college. 3 nearly 70-thousand studentt...now attend... three collegeof altimore county.of thhse...onny a few dozen...are illgal iimmigrants. they currennly pay out-state higherbut by the spring ee time semester...they'll beellowed to pay the discounted...in- state tuitiio.american (student) "" ttink it's good, -
pt gives everybooy a greater opportunity to get an education which i think thee come to he united states por." "i think it's not fair for."(student) "an american citizen say in pennsylvania who just movedc here ad they haae to payythree imes the amount, i don't hink that's faar and i don't think that's right.""when there are students,,we reet space we don't turn anybody away." c.c.b.c.'s president sandra -k pxpect a huge influx...of illegalimmigrants to ennoll...at leass...not right awwy.that's because...of tte strict...guidelines. immigrants...who enroll...muut have attended a maayland high school for three years... graduatee from that high school...and their &pparents...muut have paid... state incomm axes...for three years. male students...must also...apply for the selected service systemmand have that a young person would have - po mmet, so will thattnumber grow o 100, will it grow to 200?"
c.c.b.c.'s..."presiden t".. says the numbbrof illegal immigrants... wwoo enrollnexttspping... may only be... around... 50...to 75.and she ssys...thhy will students...froo baltimore pounty.illegaa immigrants...will still be classified...assout-of-state students. john rydell, fox 45 ...another... brings... another part... of pallimmre... o a halt....// and it haapens in tte middle of the monday morning commuut. commute. paul gessler is is live... on east madison street in downtown baltimore... with an update on this latest mess.... &pkurt kocher: "i
3 kkrt kocher: "i hink you've
hhard the mayor say ii repeateddyythat we really o pant tooencouragg oor partters in sttte and federal thii bbcauseethis is onll our 3 water bills paying for thiss right nnw." marylanddvoters 3
maryland oters approved seveeal referenddms on the ballot durinn last week's election... buttsome of them would've nnver been up for public vote.... f ot for theestatt'' petition laws. somm laamakers are now questioning whether the state's requirements for brinnng an issueeto referendum... are too easy
opponenns neededdto collect nearly 56-thoussnd signatures. and in each case -- they collected much more than that. thanks- innpart - t the internet. 11:27:21 "so perhhps the &pgeneral assembly might want t request that there actually be signatures."followinggthe election - the governor calledd the petition ppocess too easy... but he stopped short of vooing to try and change it. veterans day errmonies f the baltimore. includinn hhee in hundreds turned out at war memorialplaza... as veterans from all brancces oftte arred ffrces ere honored. those stephanie rawlings-blake...and lieutentant governor anthonyy innthe armyreservees (brown) "bbcause of your service, oor nation remmins theegreatest nation n worrd, and we owe each and everyyne of ou aadebt of gratitude for " that."ll. governoo brown
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welcome to life on fios. contact the verizon center little doubt thattamerican's &pwill see taxes rise ii 2013. prppbbicans and democrats
signaling this week that common grouud must lead to compromised agreements. agreements.in... other words, ...'/ cuts... balancedd.. with increases ... too.. steer cliff". a compromised agreement on taxes is much like starinn down a cannonn it fires only one way and there's no way to "ittcould really be bad forr theeeconomy if we had this major tax inccease right when this economic downturn." of - &pwith businesses picturrs of - houses in share file "housinn" bu-10we]ttx increases on porporations, small usinesss &powners, and payroll is on the table.[brool of pprnee --also a top wealth manager]jooeph parnes, president of ttchnomart investment advisors, wassjust naaeddone of america's top wealth managerss[sot joseph sound 2] &pin 12:36:02 "ccn businesses afford, can families afford to pay moreemoney? i am afraii trt=:10 by the sound flowing off of capitol hill parnes ssems to be right on the money. sot john boehner 1
104-wei" bbcause the americaa people exxect us to find common ground we are willing to accept some aaditional revenues via tax refoom." trt=:077sot in hare older harry reid po-74 we]sot in "there waa a message sent to us y the merican people based on the campaign and that is - people making all this money have to contribute a littleebit more."trt=:06[brrlll of estate tax box - homes ] maae no mistakk tax incceases could stretch well beyond. changgs to the tax code, &paad divideeds are all fair game. evee a tax break that has aved huudreds of thoussnds of struggling homeowners from paying &pthouuands to he irs sincee 2007 could cease. who cooes out on the shorrest eed of the sticc?[jjseph parnes ound 2] normally the average peeple, just this eek... officeereported... 3 that... the... federal budget defici...t for the 20--12 fiscal year.../ &p topped... one... trillion dollars... forrthe fourth straiiht year. can... áweá... survive/ justtn bieber... and selena gomez...// more... shakeup
in their personal lives.. and a pop princess continues to make phe heaalines for hee success in the music industry. candace dold is here with the latest lowdown.nment news for today's 3 &ppirls aaound the world are peey happy today becaase one of the most popuuar hearthrobs ps back on the market. justin &pbieber and his girlfriend of two eers...selena ggmez.. have called it quits. pppprently, t was selena who pulled the plug n the battled break-up ruumrs mmltiple times -- most recently when justin was seen at a broadway play with a group of people that included a 19-yeer-ood victtrri's seccet model. ttissall went downnthe same night that justin was at the taping of the victorias secret fassion show.he was asked about it all innanninterview with a radio was....i don't know what to nt say."i don't know what's going on in my life" a pop princess
is in the eadlines.. not for her personal life.. but her &pgetting ack togethertaylor swift is set to perform onn -&tn the 22 year old will deliver r"- the ffrst-ever television performance of "state of grace," a ttack offfher new album..sinceeits oct. 22 release, red has sold more than 1.6 million copies in the u.s swiiching gears a bit... &prumor has it, a hollyyood actress ii entering politics... actrrss ashley judd is one thh naaes bbing tossed around as a potential candidate to fill a senate seat innkentucky... sse said in a statement priday that she's honored to be mentioned. she and would have to re-establlsh a rrssdence n kkntucky beforr reppblican eader mitch mcccnnell in his ttentt- no democrats have ssepped forward so far.this isn't exactly a surprisee the actress took an actiie role in
president obama's rr-election campaign..immcandaceedold and thatt your lowdown. 3 katrina viccims know a few deeastating storm... what some - of hem id for victimm of hurricane sandy... coming up. &p3 ---dblib weather on... the...
east coast ...are... still picking up the pieces... / two weeks... after... suuer torm sandyy after... tougging ut the storm ...aadd many... are still without powee..../in ... new jersey ../ &p more than... 175 thousand households... are company ... promises.;.. 3 they won't stop... until ppwer ...is restored ...to all households.
victimssof ssper storm sandy ggt a helping hand and a hht meal....from their friends down south. over thee weekend... a group from new orleans served up thousands of jamballya... to first &pby theestorr. volunteers say their ciiy ot help after katrina... ann now they're because we knew how peoppe is - came to ew orleans and a lot of that was new york fiieffghters. it was a bigg impact wiih that. they came anddhelped their fellow firefighters, helped feed us and do things so as soon as we had the opportunity to cooe up, we jumped on the truck,, cameeuu and started cooking jam" jambalaya."saady is respoosibbe for at least 1-hundred-13 deaths... 43 in pewwyork city alone. -- react to ssory --how long will our beautiful weather stick around?bbautiffl weathee stick round?chief
we're ... saying... hank ou... to... the fans... that make our faceeook page... succees.today's ... could be...... - .a... fox 45... fannof the day./ day..../all ... you... have to do... p is... go tt ... facebook ot com ...slashhfoobaltimore../ nd... click the "likk"... button..../we... have... a... new fan of the day... every weekddy... on.... &p fox45 news at five. we're saying thank you to our viewers with some cash? we're talking aboottthe fox 45 thanksgiveaway?we're payingg for your thannsgiving ddnnee. to enter... go to our ffcebook page... like us... and cliik on contests. contests.then... .. dollar gift carr on fox 5 mornnng news... every hour...
3-m..- show... starting at 5 - it's steelee week...why jjhn harbaugh says there's noohing bbtter in fooobaall..next in
phe ravens had o have loved theeggme film from sunddy'sbig win over oakkand...and rightly so...just about eveeything went right..but they know it's &ptime to put ittaside...nothin issgoona be easy about ext wee. week.. 3& sunday night, with the entiie nation watching, the &pravens will meee the arch-rival steellrs for thee first time this season...and as always, ii's very big game..the steelers can tie the ravens for theedivisional lead wiih a win, while the ravens ccn build themselves a twwgame impootant now that we're into november..there is a lot at stake this sunday night. &ppif you love football, there' playing there in that great ssadium agginst that ggeet
organization, those games have always been great ggmes. we've rivalry. ww'll continue to ponsider it to be a great play it, we always are. we suspect thhy feee the samm friday nighh, mmrk impressed juuttabout everyone pwttan impressive performance against defendiig national champion kentucky...and the upset has been hooored by the ac acc center aaex len has been named acc player of tte week for his perrormance soohmore was dominant, esttblishingg areer highs with 22 oints on 10 for 13 shooting and alsoohad 12 rebounds...he also had four blocked shots.. tooight, the terps take oo morehead statteat the coocaat center.. highlights of ttat one coming up tonightat 10-50 and 11-30 on sportt unlimited.. --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3
3 a childhood board ame... ccmessto life. life.mouseetraps sound &psoundtake a look at this giant "mouse trap"... in califo aa artist nammd markkperez. country... showing off is mega-sized mouse-trap to sccence cenners, museums and
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minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy, now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at minuteclinic.com. joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you all doing? thank you all very much. heh heh!